Illanur also named in the common tongue Elves are the first race to come to Elibira. Created by the goddess Niras, the Illanur were gifted with immortality and to protect the world from harm. The first elves came 20.000 years before the coming of Men. The populated the lands of Velios and Nurien. The elves were known as the fairest and most noble creatures of all Elibria. They gathered knowledge and recources in the years that they roamed the world. They spoke in the old tongue of Nuriën. 

Years before MenEdit

The years before the first Men arrived were a simple and peaceful time. The elves slowly expanded their kingdom from Velios to Nurien and kept expanding. They were eager to seek the mysteries of the world and learn about their makers. They were a curious folk and always searched for knowledge and answers in Elibria. Some of them were even gifted with some powers of magic. They could conjure spells that could heal and enlighten the world.

Around 18.000 years before The Coming of Men the evles had elected as their king, High King Illvadir. Who was the mightiest of all the Illanur. He was a good and noble king en led his people to greatness. When the elves traveled to the far corners of the world they stumbled upon many dangers.

17.500 years before The Coming of Men the elves were in a war with the Dragons of Belderok, also called the Winged Demons of the Fire Mountains. It the first great war of the elves, the War of Fire and Death. After years of war the elven king saw no end to this war and descided to leave the island of Belderok and sworn never to return. They encountered many dangers in the world and it was their duty to defend it. In Okoria they found the the Northern Giants and fought them too. It was a short war, the elves were superior to the Giants drove them of the lands. 

The Coming of MenEdit

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