Khotor warrior

Khotorian Warriors form the Golden Age.

The Khotorians are the ancient race put upon this world by the Gods of the Mountians themselves. The Gods of the Mountains came upon Elibria when they discovered the fault of the Men. The Gods discovered that Men could be corrupted and would do acts of evil. They discovered it too late and there were already kingdoms of Men fighting eachother. 


During the War of the Nations the Gods of the Mountains were displeased of how men behaved and decided to create a new race, the Khotorians. They came down to Elibria in physical form to mix the blood of the Gods with the blood of Men. By doing this the perfect race was created that could not be corrupted. By the end of the War of Nations the first colonies of Khotorians were made. Few groups of Khotorians wandered the lands of Baarong searching for a home. It took a few 100 years for them to become a strong nation. At the beginning of the Third Era the Khotorians had established a stronghold in the northern lands of Baarong. Their warriors were feared by all around the nation and were not to be trifled with. There was not much expansion of their lands in the beginnning because they were a noble and humble race. Unlike Men, power and wealth was not something they desired. Their goals in life were to maintain peace and justice to the realm of Men.

The Second EraEdit

This was also called the Age of Khotorians or the Rise of the Khotor. This was the Era that the Khotorians walked the lands of Elibria. They wandered the lands of Baarong and they had no place were they belonged. They helped the Men of Elibria in anyway they could. Many of them served under the rule of the old kings and lords as advisers, soldiers, hunters or any role that would aid their masters. It wasn't until the end of the Second Era that the Khotorians came together and created a new faction. They established a stronghold in the northern lands of Baarong. Not much else is known of the Khotorians in the Second Era only that they wandered the land.

The Third EraEdit

This was the first Era were the Khotorians were one united and strong nation. Their stronghold Numarias was the first city of Khotor with a population of almost 10.000 Khotorians. The people of Khotor chose as their leader a Khotorian named Thurlin Tulrian . He was the first of his name of the Tulrian bloodline. He was the founder of Numarias and the leader of the Khotorian people. King Thurlin tried to maintain peace and did not want to interferrre with the wars of men, but when the War of Betrayal started, he had no choice but to fight. 

The Fourth EraEdit


The Fifth EraEdit