Thorren, a smuggler from the south. Founder of the Guild of Thorren

Thorren, a smuggler from the south had desire for more than smuggling goods and wares. He became captain of a ship in Merestone and sailed the seas plundering ships and raiding fleets. 


After a few years he had many mercenaries and pirates at his command but wanted to settle somewere. He sailed to the south island of Hamlith called Vankar to deliver some goods to a wealthy merchant called Balbahir. Balbahir taught him many things in the trading business and Thorren decided to quit his life on the sea and become a merchant. He started the Guild of Thorren with Balbahir and his remaining followers. He ruled the market with his excotic spices and unique goods that his mercenaries brought him via ships. After 5 years in the trading business Thorren had gotten so wealthy that he could buy an entire town. He bought the town of Celdoc and renamed it Thorrenhal. Thorrenhal had a large harbor and many roads led to the city. As lord of Thorrenhal he had now more power than he had as a merchant and started recruiting soldiers to his Guild. As the Guild kept growing in numbers, so did the Thorren's power and wealth. Everyday he recruited new members and training them to his own personal needs. But Thorren still had many enemies, from his days at sea and as a merchant. The other lords were not satisfied with the way Thorren ruled his lands. They gave Thorren an ultimatum; he could leave his city and give it to the lords that belonged to it, or they challange him in combat. Thorren chose the second option and gathered as many men as he could and started raiding the other lords lands and villages. By the end of the year he had control over the entire island. The Guild of Thorren had overthrown the lords of the island and usurped their power. When he had all his servants in every town and full power over the island he renamed it (again after himself) Torronth.  

Life in TorronthEdit

He was a wealthy and power hungry man, but kind to the common people because he was once one of them. He was generous to his people but fiersom to his enemies.