Thurlin Tulrian was the first leader of the Khotor Kingdom. He founded the city of Numarias and led the attack against the armies of Valkaar in the War of Betrayal. Thurlin was a tall and strong man that was loved by his people and feared by his enemies. In search of his kinsman in the Second Era he was the first Khotorian that united the people and founded a nation. 


Thurlin Tulrian was born in the year 2937 AG in the city of Valdarok in Baarong. From the day he was born he traveled the land with his family in search of a home. The Khotorians were not welcome to live in any city of men and were often rejected when they wanted to enter a town or village by suspicious humans. At the age of 48 Thurlin had enough of the life on the road and started a quest to find his kinsman and find with them a home for his people. It took him 10 years to find at least a 100 Khotorians who would want to join him. Many Khotorians found this quest hopeless nad did not want to join him. In the year 3013 Thurlin had assembled a host of 500 Khotorians and invaded the lands of the north of Baarong. There were villages and towns in that regions and Thurlin and his host gave them a choice weither to fight them or to surrender to their will. Many chose to surrender but there were a few that chose to fight them, that was not a wise decision. By the year 3016 the Khotorians had established their home at the roots of the northern mountains of Baarong and started building and expanding their city, the city of Numarias was born. Thurlin named the city after his grandfather, who taught him many important lessons in life.

Life in NumariasEdit

After the events of the Taking of the Homelands the life in Numarias was a peaceful and quiet life. The city expanded each year and they had no enemies. Thurlin was named King of Numarias and was commonly known as the Wandering King. He took many walks through the woods and the lands of the common folk, he did this because the thought it was important to know your land and people. The ground was rich of recources and the wealth of the city kept growing every the year. One day when Thurlin took one of his walk through the farmlands of Baarong he stumbled upon a Khotorian woman named Lurianna. By the first time they layed eyes upon eachother they fell immediately in love and the week after that Thurlin made Lurianna his Queen. The Khotorians called Lurianna the Queen of the Flowers, because she was the fairest of all Numarias .  They ruled for a steady 10 years and had 4 children. 

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