Vildur, also known as The Betrayer among the common folk, was the first of the True Corrupt, who drank the blood of the elves in belief to gain power and strength. Vildur was one of the sons of Koldor, King of Vaalkar. 


Vildur was second oldest of the sons, the oldest was Maldor who was the first heir to the throne. Maldor was always the strongest and smartest one of the brothers and Vildur despised him for that. Vildur wanted the power and strength that his older brother had but could never gain it. Until one day Vildur walked to the woods and met a mysterious traveler and told him about his situation. The traveler handed him a jar with blood in it, and said if he drank this he would gain all the strength he wanted. Because of his recklessness he took the jar and drank it all. After he drank it the traveler told him what was in it, it was the blood of an elf. Vildur was shocked and sickened of the idea that he dranked the blood of an elf. He went back to his home and did not told his brothers. After a week Vildur felt stronger then ever, he beated his brother in a sparring match and was faster then ever. When he realised that this was the work of the elven blood he got from the traveler he went back to the forrest and tried to search him. But after a days search he couldn't find him. His desire for the blood was so large that it troubled his mind and clouded his vision. He traveled to Velios in search of elves, upon his arrival there was no one to greet him. Vilius was furious that he did not recieve a royal greeting from the elves and wandered the city like he was just a beggar. He started murdering innocent elves in their sleep to drink their blood and gain more strength. After a month of killing random elves the authorities of Velios finally caught him and locked him up in their dungeons. Years he rotted away in the dungeons of the elves and was treated poorly, no one knew that he was of royal blood. His hatred of the elves grew by the minute as they kept him as their captive. One day one of the elves recognized him and went out to tell King Koldor. Koldor was furious at Vilius, but also at the elves for not telling him immediately. The King demanded him back but the High King Illvatur refused to return him to Valkaar because of his horrific crimes. The War of Sons had begon.

War of Sons 2979-2980 After Men Lasted 1 year
War of Betrayal 2998-3040 After Men Lasted 42 years
War of Vengeance 3080-3102 After Men Lasted 22 years

The War of SonsEdit

King Koldor sent out a host of Valkaarians to rescue his son from the elves. A battle at sea broke out in the Nurien Sea between the Valkaarian Fleet and the Illanur Fleet. The attack was led by the eldest son Maldor and won the battle after a long night of fire and rain. He continued his fleet and landed at the shores of Velios. With his forces weakend and their weapons broken or bent he had nothing left to do but stay at the shores and wait for reinforcements. After a week waiting his brother Valtos arrived with and army and a great amount of supplies. With the reinforcements the army led by Maldor besieged the capital of Velios. After four months of fighting and death the Valkaarians set out the first terms; give them Vildur and they will stop the battle and end the war. The elves agreed on this because they had enough of the fighting and released Vildur. Vildur returned to Valkaar to face the judgment of his father and his people. Vildur was given the punishment to never leave the city again and never to speak to another elf again. But during his captivity many were worshipping Vildur and also wanted to drink the blood of an elf. When Vildur found out he had followers he started a cult for the drinking of elven blood, they were commonly known as the Corrupt Ones. He sended his followers to Velios to retrieve the blood of elves and bring it back to Valkaar for be drank by Vildur. When his cult grew by the day they were strong in numbers and ready for war. Vildur also corrupted the minds of his two brothers Baldor and Valandor by slipping elven blood in their drinks. 

The War of BetrayalEdit

With a strong force behind him and his two corrupted brothers who supported him, Vilius was ready for war and avenge his captivity to the elves. He gathered his forces and had a full on charge and the elves. He pillaged and burned the lands of Velios and drank a lot of blood. King Koldor could not believe that his two sons went down this path and that Vilius led them too. He took his army of Valkaarians and went himself with all his sons after the Betrayer. A great battle broke out at the planes of Velios and King Koldor and his sons won. During the battle Valandor was killed and Vilius and Baldor fled to the north with his army to regain strength. In their retreat to the north they gained many allies by currupting their minds and telling lies. His army was made of his bannerman, Okorian Soliders, Pirates and Mercenaries. With a full force behind his back he returned to Valkaar to attack his own city and kill his brothers. During this time there were many who joined the alliance of King Koldor, the Nuriens and the Baarongians joined them. With Vilius besieging the cities of Valkaar, the armies of King Koldor and his sons were weakend and was forced to retreat to Nurien. After a year the lands of Valkaar belonged to Vilius and under his reign he gained many servants. 

After years of constant battle the forces of Nurien saw no end to this war, and needed more allies. The Khotorians were already a strong nation with a fiersom army. King Koldor went to Numarias himself to ask King Thrulin for his aid. But Thurlin refused to help the King because they do not want to interfere with the affairs of men and want to remain in peace. The days grew shorter and the night darker and the legions of Valkaar were stronger then ever. With a force of 30.000 strong Baldor assaulted the land of Baarong and raided the lands. Because Thurlin was in an allience with the Baroongians he had no choice but to help them. He leaded his legion in to their first battle, he had a host of 7.000 Khotorians against the armies of Valkaar. At the Great Plains the armies clashed and it was a bloody battle. The Khotorians destroyed the armies of Valkaar and killed Baldor in the battle. Thurlin knew from that day that they could not get away with that and had to help the Nuriens.